PRESIDENT John Magufuli will next week chair the 11th Meeting of Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC), set to take place at Statehouse in Dar es Salaam.

According to TNBC Executive Secretary, Engineer Raymond Mbilinyi, this meeting re affirms the government’s commitment and willingness to engage with the private sector on challenges facing the business community and possible solutions on creating a conducive business environment.

The meeting will be the second to be chaired by President Magufuli since he took over the country’s leadership in 2015.

In a statement, Mbilinyi said meeting among other things will deliberate ways in which Tanzania could accelerate its industrialisation drive through engagement of the private sector and attract both local and foreigndirect investments flows into the country.

“To date more than 3,500 new industries have been established since the fifth phase government assumed power. Accelerating industrial development drive requiring the government to create an enabling and predictable environment for private sector to thrive,” stressed Mbilinyi.

He said the government under the stewardship of President Mgufuli had initiated different reform agenda focusing on improving business environment and spurring industrialisation.

“There is no secret that the last meeting under his chairmanship recorded a lot of achievements,” Eng Mbilinyi said, noting that the meeting provided the opportunity for private sector to engage the government on issues of strategic priority and recommended policyoptions for transforming the Tanzania economy.

According to the TNBC boss, the council has been providing forums for private sector to engage with the government at regional and district levels through Regional Business Councils (RBCs) under the leadership of Regional Commissioners and District Business Councils (DBC) underthe leadership of District Commissioners respectively.“These forums provide opportunities for the private sector at the grassroots level to engage with the government on matters pertaining to business environment and investment opportunities in their localities by promoting local economic development solutions,” he said.TNBC is a platform that provides strategic forum for public and private sector leaders to deliberate issues of promoting economic growth. The council is composed of equal members from both public and private sectors.The council also gives room for members to exchange views on improving business regulatory environment to enhance national economic competitiveness. The president is the chairperson of the council.


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