Tanzania’s workforce is young, educated and adaptable.

Tanzania’s young workforce is among the most literate, urbanized and adaptable in the East African region. Latest available figures show a workforce population of 25.8 million, of whom an estimated 8 million are centralised in Dar es Salaam and other urban areas, and it is in these urban areas where employment is growing fastest. This rapid transition to an urbanized population offers newly set up factories in proximity to key urban centres potential access to a plentiful supply of workers.

High birth rates and longer life expectancy means that the workforce population is growing steadily.

Tanzania’s workforce is young, educated and adaptable

Tanzania has a National Social Security Fund in place that, subject to fund rules, ensures that pensions, benefits and health insurance is provided to permanent employees.

For latest workforce statistics and information, please visit National Bureau of Statistics.

National Skills Development Programme

The government under the Prime Minister’s Office-Labour, Youth, Employment and Persons with disabilities is implementing the National Skills Development Programme intended to facilitate the national workforce to acquire knowledge and skills to cope with increasing competition in the domestic and international labour market.

The Prime Minister’s Office – Labour, Youth, Employment and Persons with disabilities entered into MOU with garment making industries to train 3000 people:

  • Tanzania Tooku Garment Company Limited to train 2000 people, where until January 2017 500 have graduated and are employed and 543 -undergoing training.
  • Mazava Fabrics and Production E.A ltd where 1000 young people will be trained, so far 181 have graduated, of whom 100 are employed and 210 -undergoing training.

The programme implementation is a deliberate action of the government to deal with the low skills workforce in the sector started from 2015/2016 to 2020/2021.