The Textiles Development Unit works closely with a number of partners in the Tanzanian textile and garment sector. It also has close links to government agencies and the key industry association, which you can learn about by visiting the Agencies & Associations page.

University of Dar es Salaam - College of Engineering & Technology

The College of Engineering and Technology serves industry, government, NGOs, and the wider community through a synergistic approach involving teaching and research, consultancy and services, and technology development and transfer. It was established in 2001 through the integration and transformation of the-then Faculty of Engineering and the-then Institute of Production Innovation.
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African Cotton and Textile Industries Federation

The African Cotton and Textile Industries Federation works to promote trade and increase market access for the cotton, textile, and apparel industry in Africa. It aims for an integrated cotton, textile and apparel industry in Africa that effectively competes on the world market.
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Department for International Development

The Department for International Development (DFID) leads the UK’s work to end extreme poverty. It aims to eliminate the need for aid by creating jobs and unlocking the potential of girls and women.  DFID also helps to save lives when humanitarian emergencies hit.
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Gatsby Charitable Foundation

Gatsby is a foundation set-up by Lord David Sainsbury to achieve his charitable goals in a number of areas he feels particularly passionate about. In East Africa, Gatsby funds and implements programmes to help stakeholders transform the economic performance of key sectors, aiming for them to become competitive, inclusive and resilient. Resilient sectors have the necessary institutions, incentives and capacity to react to future challenges and take advantage of future opportunities without external support, ensuring sectors remain competitive in the long-term. Gatsby funded the creation of the TDU in the Tanzanian Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2012 and continues to support its work.
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Tanzania Gatsby Trust

Tanzania Gatsby Trust was set-up as an independent trust by Gatsby in 1992. It runs projects aimed at helping Tanzania's three million Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) increase their productivity and profitablity. It also plays a key role in supporting and advising Gatsby's programmes in the country.
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Cotton Sector Development Programme

Gatsby, DFID and the Tanzania Gatsby Trust partner on the Cotton Sector Development Programme in Tanzania. The programme is working closely with the Tanzania Cotton Board and other local institutions to restructure the sector and build supportive markets so that more than 400,000 farmers can access the quality inputs and training they need to increase yields, improve quality, boost incomes and ensure a plentiful supply of raw material for the Tanzanian textile and garment industry. The TDU and the Cotton Programme share information and resources, recognising that the sectors are mutually dependent, and with the overall aim of creating an integrated field to fashion value chain in Tanzania.
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